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Old Rockin' Chair Tom
Movie: Old Rockin' Chair Tom(1948)[tt0040661] Jerry is once again successfully menacing Mammy, as Tom chases him ineffectually. As Mammy and Tom crash to the bottom of the stairs, she tells him he's getting too old, and introduces his replacement, Lightning. Lightning quickly dispatches Jerry, kisses Mammy's hand, and opens the door for her as she heads to bed. He just as quickly raids the fridge, and frames Tom when Mammy comes after him. That gets Tom kicked out, too, and he and Jerry hatch a scheme. As Lightning sleeps, they shove an iron into his mouth, then use a magnet to slow him down. As Jerry shakes Mammy's stool again, Tom holds Lightning back, until a desperate Mammy calls for Tom again. Tom kicks Lightning out (hurting his foot on the iron), and Mammy rewards Tom with a pie, which he splits with Jerry. Written byJon Reeves <>
Title Old Rockin' Chair Tom
Release Date 18 September 1948 (USA)
Genres Animation, Short, Comedy, Family
Production Companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Loew's, MGM Cartoon Studio
Lillian Randolph
Lillian Randolph...
Mammy Two-Shoes ...


world_of_weird on 10 December 2004
I had this Tom and Jerry classic on videotape when I was a kid and watched it over and over again, until the tape broke. It's full of manic slapstick, sight gags and outright lunacy, and even the sappy ending works nicely. But when I watched it a couple of days ago on DVD, I noticed that a seemingly innocent gag has been demolished by the redubbing of Mammy's voice - in the original, when the rival cat, Lightning, makes Tom up as a decrepit senior citizen with the help of a cotton wool beard and a walking cane, Mammy sarcastically says "You take care of poor old Uncle Tom", but in the DVD, the word "Uncle" has been removed completely. Does 'Uncle Tom' constitute a racist insult, and if so, is it really so inflammatory that it needs removing from a DVD primarily aimed at children and vintage animation buffs? Even more bizarrely, the same DVD leaves several of the 'blackface' gags intact!

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