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An Elephant Called Slowly
Movie: An Elephant Called Slowly(1970)[tt0064283] Bill and Ginny are invited by a naturalist friend to take care of his home in Africa while he is away, and they find themselves adopted by three orphan elephants. Written by"Sirius" <>
Title An Elephant Called Slowly
Release Date 16 October 1970 (Denmark)
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Family
Production Companies Morning Star Productions
Virginia McKenna
Virginia McKenna...
Bill Travers
Bill Travers...
George Adamson
George Adamson...


Leofwine_draca on 13 March 2014
AN ELEPHANT CALLED SLOWLY is the last and least of the three Bill Travers/Virginia McKenna wildlife movies, following on from BORN FREE and RING OF BRIGHT WATER. It follows an odd template of having the two actors essentially playing themselves and recreating their real-life adventures for the camera, albeit in various scripted scenes.There's more of a comic tone to this movie than there was in BORN FREE, although fans of that film will be delighted by cameo appearances from some old friends. And there's also more of an emphasis on comedy, although I have to say a lot of it does feel rather twee and dated and a bit forced compared to what came before; it's probably best that this was the last of the series.Inevitably, the elephants steal the show, and the film is at its best when just sitting back and letting the wildlife entertain. Another plus is that Travers and McKenna have a real enthusiasm for their charges, and that enthusiasm easily transfers to the viewer. Watch out for another cameo from real-life wildlife expert George Adamson.

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