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Movie: Schlock(1976)[tt0067716] A monkey-type monster falls in love with a blind girl, which thinks that he's a giant dog. After kidnapping the girl and fleeing king-kong-like onto the roof of a gym, he gets involved with the army. Written byMarkus Lasermann <>
Title Schlock
Release Date 10 March 1976 (France)
Genres Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Production Companies Gazotskie Productions
John Landis
John Landis...
Richard Gillis
Richard Gillis...
Officer Gillis...
Harriet Medin
Harriet Medin...
Mrs. Blinerman (...


asgard-5 on 17 April 2011
The reviews for this movie here are mainly positive. And it's no surprise. This is a very, Very strong first movie. In fact, it looks almost exactly like the more famous Landis movies down to the lighting and editing. It does have some silly stuff in it, and there are scenes to make the picture longer. But the movie never feels constricted by its low budget, it successfully pokes fun at it. Landis is great as the titular ape and Rick Baker's done a great job on the mask - it even allowed Landis to emote. Eric Roberts' wife plays a blind girl who befriends Schlock thinking he's a dog, but soon she regains her sight and then!... Schlock's really funny, it looks like it's someone's first movie only for the first 15 minutes, and then it becomes big and quite enjoyable.

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