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Movie: Pelvis(April 1977 (USA))[tt0076534] A young man moves to New York to strike it big in the music business.
Title Pelvis
Release Date April 1977 (USA)
Genres Comedy, Music
Production Companies Funky Films, Mishkin-Megginson Productions
Carol Baxter
Carol Baxter...


Paul Cartwright on 24 March 2000
I rented this video (as Toga Party) expecting some great stuff (it was Rated R, after all) but what I saw was the lamest piece of 85 minutes ever. It has all the filmmaking craft of a bad late 70's blue movie. Filled with unlikable (and ugly) actors especially the lead actor, obviously a John Travolta wannabe. The basic 'plot' of this film has the the lead character moving to New York to star a singing career. There's some 'comedy' sex scenes (by speeding up the film and inserting comedy music) and a 'comedy' robbery scene but it's a waste of time.

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