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Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza

Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza
Movie: Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza(1983)[tt0086390] Karl, a simple farmer, takes a plane to Ibiza. He is determined to finally meet Lina, a pop-singer, who currently tours the island. Karl has long ago fallen in love with his idol and has written her numerous love letters, But a farmer like Karl is not the kind of man she could be interested in. At the same time however, a famous millionaire, who happens to look just like Karl, is staying on the island... Written byØrnås
Title Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza
Release Date 11 November 1983 (West Germany)
Genres Comedy
Production Companies Lisa-Film
Olivia Pascal
Olivia Pascal...
Christine Schuberth
Christine Schuberth...


Coventry on 10 July 2018
This is another entry in my very personal series of: "films I watched as a pre-teenager to see boobs". Millennials cannot imagine this, but during the 80s and 90s the Internet didn't exist and there was no such thing as free pornography! The only possibility for horny young brats like myself to see boobies were silly and light-headed sex comedies, usually from Germany. My local video store had quite a large collection of them stocked at the bottom shelves and, for several reasons, this "Sunshine Reggae on Ibiza" is one of the titles that I watched most frequently. Even though extremely dumb and formulaic, the thought of this film always spontaneously brings a smile to my face! First and foremost, there's the terrifically catchy title song "Sunshine Reggae" by Laid Back. To this day, I immediately associate this song with long hot summers, beautiful topless girls and colorful cocktails! There's also the pricelessly imbecilic face of lead actor/German comedian Karl Dall. His saggy eyes and natural "drunkard" looks are completely opposite to the rest of the cast existing only out of hot and curvy youngsters. Dall plays a simple East-Frisian cow farmer with a crush for pop-singer Linda Lu. When he receives a standardized response to his fan mail, he sees it as a personal invitation to come and spend the summer with his idol on the sunny island of Ibiza. Karl withdraws all his life-long savings from the bank and heads for Ibiza, where we meet many more jolly folks, including a jealous hotel owner and his lewd wife, two nerds on a quest to lose their virginity, a misogynistic artist, a beautiful woman determined to show him love again, and finally also pop-singer Linda who shatters glass with her laughter. During the third act, and presumably because they ran out of ideas, there's also a ridiculous sub plot in which Karl trades places with his wealthy doppelganger. "Sunshine Reggae on Ibiza" is delightful 80s euro-trash, featuring pretty girls with natural breasts and lots of dumb cliche-jokes that I saw for the first time. The most beautiful actress, Olivia Pascal, unfortunately keeps her bikini top on, though.

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