Download Indul a bakterház (TV Movie )

Indul a bakterház (TV Movie )

Indul a bakterház (TV Movie )
Movie: Indul a bakterház (TV Movie )(1980)[tt0121403] Story of a mischievous outspoken kid in a small Hungarian town.
Title Indul a bakterház (TV Movie )
Release Date 12 November 1980 (Hungary)
Genres Comedy
Production Companies Magyar Televízió Müvelödési Föszerkesztöség (MTV) (I)
Róbert Koltai
Róbert Koltai...
A Bakter...
Piroska Molnár
Piroska Molnár...
Antal Farkas
Antal Farkas...


dholliday-imdb on 1 May 2015
I really rate Kontroll, and liked Szomorú Vasárnap too, so was looking forward to another Hungarian picture, but there was no way that those two films would prepare me for the raw slapstick of Indul a Bakterház! I must admit to being caught offguard: the first half-hour I had no clue what I was watching, the poor audio re-dubbing of the original language didn't help. Eventually I got bedded in and ended up enjoying the unfolding chaos, with its memorably-bonkers characters - who are apparently not as exaggerated as one might think! - and well-played main role from the übercheeky young lad.6/10 is the minimum rating I give for films I would consider worth watching: there might not have been much else to Indul a Bakterház, but it's worth enough for most of you to have a go.So recommended if you're interested in foreign films which show you hidden elements of their culture using daft comedy (in this case eccentric village farm hands from bygone days), without any concession to outsiders. Imagine showing Benny Hill & League of Gentlemen to a native get the idea.Not particularly recommended if you're looking for more universally-appreciable examples of Hungarian cinema.

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