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You Must Be Joking
Movie: You Must Be Joking(February 1975 (USA))[tt0144246] A collection of skits about sex jokes.
Title You Must Be Joking
Release Date February 1975 (USA)
Genres Comedy
Production Companies Callie-Levy Productions
Patrick Wright
Patrick Wright...
Guy Rescuing Captive Girl...
Garth Pillsbury
Garth Pillsbury...
Russ Marin
Russ Marin...


Johnnywad on 21 July 2003
I searched all over my city looking for this movie, I finally found a copy at a video store on the other end of the city. This video store was organized by sadists! It was supposed to be sorted by alphabetical order, the movies were shelved like books would be, spine showing. There were 4 different shelves with the letter I on them, and I searched them all before giving up. I was determined to watch this movie though, as I enjoyed it so much when I was twelve. I finally found it when I returned a few days later with a friend to help me in my quest. I now have a new mission in life and that is to invent a method of time travelling so I can go back in time and kick my own ass. This was horrible, at only 80 minutes long it was 77 minutes longer than it need to be. Its a collection of old Jokes acted out and with the exception of maybe 3 they are the worst jokes ever!!!! Avoid this if you have any taste whatsoever.

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