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Movie: Oi! Warning(2000)[tt0183076] The film (the third of the Reding brothers) is about a German teenager following his identity crisis. The boy, transformed by the usual down-trodden socio-economic conditions of contemporary Europe, becomes a skin head, following the first one's lead. On the other side he befriends with a leftist (a punk) who is gay. This causes more and more conflicts which eventually leads to an atrocious end for the punk. The film offers scenes of homophobic violence by skinheads, and the whole relationship between the skinhead and gay movements (in Germany gay skinheads represent a substantial subculture). Written byGuy33134
Title Oi! Warning
Release Date 19 October 2000 (Germany)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Schlammtaucher Filmproduktion, Südwestrundfunk (SWR), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
Sandra Borgmann
Sandra Borgmann...
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Hedi Kriegeskotte...
Janoschs Mutter...


john_constantine on 2 March 2001
a movie about a joung german boy who doesn't know where he belongs. he leaves home and meets a neo-nazi, a girl and later a punk. he adopts habits and opinions very fast, but finding out what he really wants turn out to be difficult.there are a lot of very strange but nevertheless quite realistic characters in the movie, and they all scare you in a different way - even the boring parents who lost any grasp of reality.the film is black&white, with a lot of beautiful images. but i think some of the motives have only made it into the film 'cause they were beauty, not 'cause they had to do a lot with it. a good film, i recommend watching seems that the film has really shaken the scene in some cities, i know there were some fights between skins and punks in cinemas in düsseldorf (germany), with a damaged cinema.

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