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La leggenda di Al, John e Jack

La leggenda di Al, John e Jack
Movie: La leggenda di Al, John e Jack(2002)[tt0345561] Al Caruso, John Gresco and Jack Amoruso are three gangsters working for the Genovese family. However, their efforts are more than headache-inducing, and when they are given one last chance: To protect the boss's aunt, she is accidentally killed and the three men are sentenced to death. They come up with a plan to sell the boss to the police and the FBI. However, Al suffers from short-term memory loss and has to be told the story by John and Jack. Written bySWEEVO
Title La leggenda di Al, John e Jack
Release Date 13 December 2002 (Italy)
Genres Comedy, Crime
Production Companies Agidi, Medusa Film, Tele+
Aldo Maccione
Aldo Maccione...
The Boss...
Giovanni Esposito
Giovanni Esposito...
Frank 'Contropelo'...
Ivano Marescotti
Ivano Marescotti...


gut-6 on 4 October 2006
I caught this movie by accident on TV flipping through channels. Reading the plot summary, I thought this would be another Memento ripoff. But boy was I wrong. Oh my god I haven't laughed this hard and this long at a foreign comedy in years, if ever. This movie can be summarised as "Dumb and Dumber" meets "I Kina Spiser De Hunde", and is every bit as funny as both those movies combined. I can understand the Marx Brothers comparison, but this is Marx Brothers acting with a modern and funny script. I simply cannot understand how this great gangster comedy got such a low rating, and why it isn't already legendary as a comedy cult classic. I am pleased to read that there are others in the series, and I will certainly be checking them out. About the only criticism I have is that it does peter out a little towards the end, sacrificing comedy for a satisfying plot conclusion, but by then I had already screamed with uncontrolled laughter several times.

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