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Üvegtigris 2.

Üvegtigris 2.
Movie: Üvegtigris 2.(2006)[tt0476508] In the sequel to the surprise hit Üvegtigris (2001), we witness the 6 losers again as they run amok around the roadside buffet, which again fails to make their dreams come true, but which serves as the basis and end station of numerous funny adventures. Written byAnonymous
Title Üvegtigris 2.
Release Date 19 January 2006 (Hungary)
Genres Comedy
Production Companies Filmpartners
Juli Básti
Juli Básti...


sati_84 on 2 April 2006
First of all, I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the first movie, and I never understood, what was so great about it. The first "Üvegtigris" was an OK movie with decent acting and at times great, but mostly average dialogue. Nothing special. So, I wasn't eagerly waiting for this sequel, and I didn't expect much. But what I've seen was worse than anything I could've imagined...Amongst the basic rules of movie-making, there is a statement: a movie has to have plot. Only a few filmmakers are allowed to create a movie without it, for example David Lynch (Eraserhead), but in case of a crowd-pleaser comedy, it's essential. And this movie had absolutely no plot.I think when the creators of this mess realized this, and started to write the dialogue, their method was: "Hey, guys, I have a great idea! Let's throw in about a million swearwords, and the audience will never ever realize, that our movie has no plot whatsoever!"... And the others definitely vividly and praisingly replied: "You're such a ****ing genius, man!" Well, let's face it: the movie is not much more than a collection of random scenes, in which a bunch of bumbling idiots saying various cusswords every once in a while. I think the crew watched the movie "Pulp Fiction", and they thought: "Hey, I can do that too!". But saying "f*ck" a bazillion times doesn't make a good movie. In Tarantino's masterpiece, every swearing was backed up by the events. In this movie, there are no events to begin with, and the cussing is therefore disturbing and even disgusting in some cases.When this movie was released, there were raising arguments about movie downloading and copyright problems in Hungary. But it's just so STUPID to think that the audience didn't want to see this in the theaters, because they downloaded it. I have a newsflash for those people who say this: THIS MOVIE IS BAD. Don't you dare blaming the computer users for this! This is clearly the filmmakers' fault. It's ludicrous to say, that it has anything to do with downloading. Make a decent movie first, throw stones at downloaders later...To wrap up the comment: this movie lacked everything what makes a movie a movie. It was slightly enjoyable at times, and the film brilliantly sums up, what's wrong with hungarian film-making nowadays. I say, avoid it.2/10

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