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When It Was Blue
Movie: When It Was Blue(2008)[tt0968334] When It Was Blue is a live, ephemeral film performance and an ode to a beautiful and unspoiled natural environment which is fast diminishing. When It Was Blue rejoices the splendor of the natural world through a complex and dazzling fusion of textural, abstract hand-painted images projected onto filmed landscapes from Iceland, New Zealand and Vancouver to Pyramid Lake, Nevada and upstate New York.16mm double-projected film and montage by Jennifer Reeves Music by Skúi Sverrisson with Anthony Burr & Ted Reichman. Written byAnonymous
Title When It Was Blue
Release Date 8 September 2008 (Canada)
Genres Animation
Production Companies Sparky Pictures


slabihoud on 25 November 2009
When I decided to see this film (or actually films) I had no idea what was waiting for me. The description that the Viennale, Vienna's Film Festival provided, did not say much about this extraordinary experience. It sounded a bit like an idyllic film about nature, done via double projection. That is, two projectors project a different film on top of each other. What that means, and in this particular, is unimaginable. One reel, so far was clear, shows a black and white reel, the other a more or less directly on film painted color film. This creation causes a picture storm, that is so intense, I have nothing to compare it to in my long career as movie goer! I had the rare opportunity to watch a two projector show with 16 mm reels. Most festivals have to show a video composite, as the director of the film later explained, in lack of 16 mm projectors. Therefore, after half an hour, the reels have to be changed, another break into two. The first reel I had to get used to the unbelievable density of images, fragments of things recognizable, others a mystery. It was simply too much, I had to close my eyes a few times, and after about twenty minutes, I fell into a microsleep. In the break while the reels were changed I found that my girlfriend experienced the same tiredness. Obviously, the sheer amount of unpredictable images created an overload in our brain.But it did not happen to us again in the second reel, although it was not much different in its abundance of images. I guess drugs might give you similar impressions, but this film in definitely much healthier. The longer it runs, the more you marvel at the cheer beauty of nature and art, and the art of nature. Because it is the art of the painted abstracts on top of nature scenes that create this magical carpet ride. Don't miss this opportunity!

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