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Movie: Longa noite(2019)[tt10660156] Taking its title from the expression Longa Noite de Pedra ("long night of stone"), which was coined by the poet Celso E. Ferreiro to describe the lengthy period of dictatorship after the Spanish Civil War, the third feature by Galician filmmaker Eloy Enciso explores the Postguerra mood and the texture of life in Franco-era Spain by way of unconventional portraiture, the power of words, and stunning atmospheric immersion. Working with non-actors and a script sourced from excerpts of plays, memoirs, and letters from political prisoners, Enciso portrays a variety of characters - both victors and vanquished - as they negotiate a newly reordered society. At the film's shifting center is Anxo (Misha Bies Golas), who returns home to his unnamed village in the years following the war, his interactions with individuals wielding varying levels of power serving to cast the cruelty of the modern world into stark relief. As he moves through the town, and eventually into the surrounding arboreal ... Written byToronto International Film Festival
Title Longa noite
Release Date 5 December 2019 (Spain)
Genres Drama, History
Production Companies Filmika Galaika


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