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Rosa Chumbe
Movie: Rosa Chumbe(2017)[tt3733098] Rosa is a mature police officer with both a gambling and a drinking problem. She lives with her daughter Sheila, who has a little baby. One day, after a big fight between them, Sheila steals her mother's savings and storms out of the house leaving her baby behind. Rosa is forced to spend some time with her grandson. Something changes inside her heart of stone. However, everything takes a wrong turn one night. Only a miracle can save her. Written byAnonymous
Title Rosa Chumbe
Release Date 8 June 2017 (Peru)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Yin Zhang Films


hernanmanrique on 16 June 2017
When I read the summary of this film in IMDb I thought that I could give it a chance. After watching the film, I regretted it so much. The movie is about a miserable police woman who lives in poverty and whose life is filled with anger (although you never get to know why). As a consequence, she is an alcoholic and a gambler. I disagree with the other reviews I've read. There are no 'good scenes' in this movie at all, just a bunch of poorly acted scenes with no connection between each other. Even the characters seem to have no connection at all. In a certain moment, Rosa Chumbes and her daughter are completely disconnected and you get the feeling that you're watching two different films (one about a miserable police woman and another one about a young girl having an abortion). As I said before, there were many scenes acted so badly that you can't forget them, such as the fight between Rosa and her daughter or the meeting she had with her superior. I just don't get the words to describe the feeling you get after watching the final scene of the movie. Very disappointing.

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