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Movie: Bodom(2016)[tt3743042] Every camper's worst nightmare came true at Lake Bodom in 1960 when four teenagers were stabbed to death while sleeping in their tent.
Title Bodom
Release Date 19 August 2016 (Finland)
Genres Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Production Companies Don Films, Münchhausen Productions
Mimosa Willamo
Mimosa Willamo...
Tommi Korpela
Tommi Korpela...
Hiker (voice)...
Jarkko Niemi
Jarkko Niemi...
Young man (voice...


joaakive on 18 January 2017
A film based on a true story that can be told in two sentences, and the plot isn't actually even that much based on it. Basically it's a Finnish "slasher" film that isn't scary in any way.How can that be possible ? In a horror movie the viewer should identify to at least one "victim" character and hope for hes or her (usually her) survival in some way. This movie makes none of the cast feel innocent or likable and twists the plot in so many so unnecessary ways the characters lose all value and become indifferent for the viewer.It feels like the script was just brainstormed together in a single sitting without any work and all focus put into the set, cinematography, sound and music which are all state of art. In some scenes the actors do fine job but very bad in few - losing completely the credibility of the ongoing -panic- situation, although international audiences might not get this. When the movie ends one just feels empty and cheated - it meant nothing and it left nothing to ponder on.These are common faults in modern publicly-funded Finnish cinema where tech, music and cinematography are great but driven with lazy writing and recycled boring cast that appears in about every title. Weren't the soviet days already over ? For those interested in slightly better Finnish slasher horror, Kuutamosonaatti (1988) is something to check out.

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