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Movie: Il grande spirito(2019)[tt7797962] In a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Taranto, during a robbery, one of the three accomplices, Tonino aka Barboncino, a shabby-looking fifty-year old, takes advantage of the other two men's distraction, grabs the whole loot, and runs off. Tonino , runs from rooftop to rooftop until he reaches the uppermost terrace, beyond which there is a precipice that forces him to take refuge in an old washhouse. Someone surprisingly helps him hide successfully. This strange individual wears a bird's feather behind his ear: he says he's called Black Deer and belongs to the Sioux tribe. Tonino, soon realizes he is under siege: the neighbourhood is manned by his pursuers, and the street corners are monitored. In these days of forced immobility, as his impracticable attempts to recover the loot and organize an escape with his ex-companion Milena fail, Tonino comes to the bitter conclusion that he is all alone. he has only one desperate alternative left: to join forces with this eccentric man who acts... Written byCineuropa
Title Il grande spirito
Release Date 9 May 2019 (Italy)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Fandango, Rai Cinema, Regione Lazio
Sergio Rubini
Sergio Rubini...
Rocco Papaleo
Rocco Papaleo...
Bianca Guaccero
Bianca Guaccero...


Mozjoukine on 13 November 2019
This one is disappointing coming from the creator of STAZIONE and LA BIONDA. Rubini is a scruffy small time provincial hood involved in a gang war. His associates treat him dismissively after a stuff up bank job where he shot a poodle. He manages to get the loot away from them and plans taking off with his beautician ex. However he finds himself trapped in the apartment block roof top squat of crazy (how crazy?) Papaleo on who he has to depend despite the fact that Papeleo thinks he's a Sioux Indian under the control of the Great Spirit.The cast work at making their characters vivid and the industrial sky line and small time corruption is nicely caught but it really is too much to try and run this up into a two hour movie.

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